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Feb 6, 2013 8:00pm EST
includes the internet, gps, google, the iphone and god, what would you do about that? i expect we hear more examples from the witnesses and we can probably spend our two hour hearing reading a list. and yet, i feared some of my colleagues in congress would still be unimpressed. we will still hear arguments that the federal government's role should be restricted to basic research base the private sector can do the rest alone. that, everybody, has to take a cut. that is the 8.2% cuts looming on march 1st [inaudible] i happen to believe personally that we can invest in unemployment and food stamps, or with can invest -- to e limb the needs. so let me attempt to briefly effort some of the arguments. r&d is not simple. linear process from basked to applied to developmented and so on to a final commercial product, it doesn't go in only one distribution. rtd is part of a complex innovation process with -- [inaudible] there's no clear line at which the public role ends and the private role begins. and there's not been any my of our lifetimes. that's why partnerships between the public sector namely
Feb 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
beginning to die, there is a hacker culture empowered a accessibility of tools inventing facebook and google and all of that. one thing we've only touched on today this important safety that companies in the secessionist leader industry nerve research, but closer, that we have done a fabulous job with the hacker movement fast forwarded to the culture that again the last time he did this script davis internet and google and all of that. the hacker culture i see is the economic engine. some of what they make will become billion dollars business is, small businesses. so rather than automation killing jobs, if you go back to stories like the barcelona story, it's going to bring jobs back to communities by leading manufacturing be self-sufficient. and don't take that it's either or. you may have a house like mine and make it in the house. you may have a tech shop -- a fab lab down the street for tech stocks in your village. he may have an incubator. i think what connects the line is rather than viewing is automation removing the is a tools bring back to where people are. [inaudible] >> heard me?
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2